"Not all those who wander are lost"

J. R. R. Tolkien


This catalog is very new and far from being full. But with your help and participation, we are hoping to expand it as much as possible.
Please do not hesitate sending us your thoughts and suggestions.

If you are a collector or a dealer – this site is certainly for you. You may browse the catalog for prices and identification of your items. Please note: all prices and descriptions obtained from our visitors and not set in stone. If you know the Lowest Known Price (LKP) or the Highest Known Price (HKP) better than we have established (or we are missing it) – please leave your comment on item page with a proof link to the online store or auction.
At this time we can’t accept offline prices as there is no way we can verify it.

In our price guide we do not include Shipping & Handling costs.

We encourage our visitors to add new items to the catalog and articles related to collectors issues. You do not even need to be a registered user to submit to the catalog. Our form is open to everyone, and all submissions and links are approved by our editors to avoid unrelated posts.

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